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#20 Are Podcasts Eating My Brain? | Constant Stimulations, Emptiness, Mindfulness

June 19, 2021 Jansen Tan, Lyris Miu, Melody Miu, Calvin Ngan
Supposedly Adults
#20 Are Podcasts Eating My Brain? | Constant Stimulations, Emptiness, Mindfulness
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So... we cannot believe this is our 20th episode! We'd like to shout out to you, whether you are a regular follower of the podcast (you, my friend, are in a very exclusive club, so please feel very special!) or a first-time listener (you are also in a very exclusive club so you should feel special too, and let's be friends?), thank you so much for supporting us! We started this podcast simply because we wanted to help people to find a bit of comfort in knowing that you are not the only one struggling and you are not alone in this journey, so again, massive thank you for listening!

In this episode, four supposed adults discussed why we listen to podcasts, our needs to be constantly stimulated, walking meditations vs eating meditations, why it is very important to keep asking ourselves questions, and many more!

Hey, fellow supposed adults, thank you for supporting our podcast!

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00:00:00 Jansen 

Hi guys, welcome to our podcast. Supposedly adults where we are four supposed adults sharing our "youthful experiences". 

00:00:13 Melody 

Talking about the most random life topics. 

00:00:16 Calvin 

Giving our thoughts that no one cares about. 

00:00:18 Lyris 

And just trying to make life suck less. 

00:00:21 Jansen 

That's right, so I'm Jensen. I'm melody. 

00:00:24 Calvin 

This is Calvin. 

00:00:25 Lyris 

And this is Lyris. And the random question is: Are podcasts eating my brain? 

00:00:31 Jansen 

Hi guys, welcome back. I believe if I am not wrong, someone please Fact Check me on this, we are on our 20th episode Woo Hoo. 

00:00:45 Melody 

Honestly it didn't feel so long, but it's also the blackout year, so….. 

00:00:53 Lyris 

It's already mid 2021. What is happening? Honestly what? 

00:00:58 Jansen 

So yeah, we've been trying to upload podcasts to our audience. We've been trying to upload podcasts for about a year now. I think we started at around this time, at least when we started recording, and we thought that it would be a great idea to just talk about podcasts in general because what is a great way, this might be a great way to celebrate our 20th milestone, right? Yeah, actually, do you guys actually remember why did we start our podcast? I can't really remember. 

00:01:29 Melody 

I mean, I feel like the whole point was always like the four of us always had similar values and just similar goals in life in terms of, you know, self improvement and also wanting to help others to kind of, you know, go through... helping others who are also going through the similar shit that we're going through and we kind of just want to put it out there and for people to know that they're not the only people struggling. And we're also just based in different places, so it's easiest for us to start a podcast. 

00:01:58 Calvin 

No, I absolutely agree and I don't know you guys remember. Remember we posted that Kung Fu Panda episode and then we got a comment. 

00:02:07 Jansen 

Yeah, a comment! Shout out to you! 

00:02:08 Calvin 

I think his name is Caesar. I hope you don't mind. I shouted out your name, but I also want to let you know we were so excited, so excited, and it means so much to us. So yeah, the fact that you know people can relate to us, and perhaps we can share our thoughts and knowing the struggles and they'll share different experience that we have that's great and we hope that one day you will be able to share, like the audience can share your feedback and your experience with us too. We really wanted to know, so we just want to put that out there. 

00:02:41 Jansen 

You can do it now right now. Just for comments, yeah. 

00:02:45 Lyris 

And like I feel like the reason why we chose like podcast specifically is like we all love podcasts. We like the four of us, listen, listen to a lot of different podcasts like before this whole thing. So I feel like this is like the perfect format for us, because we're like mostly just conversations and I think that's like what people love about podcasts because usually people will easily listen to like an hour podcast, but like an hour video, it might be like harder. So yeah, I don't know. What do you guys think? 

00:03:12 Calvin 

Yeah, I just listen to podcasts because I felt like there's... ah... I have friends talking to me. 

00:03:18 Lyris 

Right, honest. 

00:03:18 Calvin 

That's the only reason why. 

00:03:23 Jansen 

That is true. It's a great like just stress relief to have a conversation, and they're not having to edit it too much afterwards. 

00:03:29 Melody 

So why do you guys think podcast is such a big thing now? Do you feel like it's just a radio, like the a version of radio for millennials and Gen Z as opposed to boomers. 

00:03:42 Lyris 

Yeah, I think so. I feel like it's just... I don't know like maybe it's just an entertainment or you know whatever like it's very accessible for me like I listen to podcasts because I could just listen to it everywhere so I listened to it like when I was like during transportation. You know, like going to different places or I feel like lonely, I was walking and shop by myself. I usually listen to that. 

00:04:05 Jansen 

Yeah, I think same for me. I don't know why I've recently gotten so much into podcasts. I think literally is after starting. Yeah, and I think maybe it's just 'cause Covid everyone is starting a podcast and then there's just so much new content podcast-related content to watch itself. Like for me, I started listening to podcasts more. Because of this channel that I like is called simply neurological. And yeah, she is a nail painter, but I listened to her class for first few podcast. She gave a very... She's like a 30 year old lady. I loved the old lady content like Jenna Marbles and her and she talks about working in the government and talking about like the inside and out of how much money she earned on YouTube, like the strategies of being an influencer, those type of things were... it just so happens that she has a podcast, always putting out podcast content. And yeah, that's what I've just been watching recently too while I'm cooking and while I'm studying. not studying. 

00:05:10 Melody 

Would you say that podcast serves the function of killing silences for you so it's just something at the in the background? like how we used to turn on the TV for sound and we don't really watch it. 

00:05:20 Jansen 

Do you guys do that? I honestly yeah, I think that is my content. Like my background noise you guys like turn on the TV. 

00:05:28 Lyris 

Yeah, like even now. I would just play YouTube videos like just like just to play like even when I'm I'm working like I just have to have some sound. 

00:05:37 Calvin 

But I guess my question is why? Why do we want some sounds? Like, don't you just want to be in a quiet place so that you can either focus or like I don't know, clear your mind? like why do you always want to be stimulated?

00:05:49 Lyris 

Yeah, I don't know that. Honestly, I think this is a very good question. 'cause this is something that I think about a lot because I remember when I like I consume the most podcast during my exchange. So I was I went to Paris for like six months of exchange. 

00:06:04 Lyris 

So, like during those times I I like, listen to podcasts every single day. When I was like walking around the city. You know, being by myself, you know I like doing groceries and all that and also and like it just kept me company 'cause I feel like the comment like podcasts are always are always like conversations between people. So I feel like I am always like in a conversation with people like. 

00:06:24 Lyris 

Is it you know, thinking about like different big topics and stuff and also like it consumes less data than like YouTube videos. So maybe like that like what? 

00:06:33 Calvin 

That's right, sure. 

00:06:33 Lyris 

Yeah, but it did like in the beginning I just love it. I think it's like the perfect invention in the world. Like you know, you listen to people like I used to listen to just between us, which is like between two friends. You know they're just talking about different topics. And they talk about like really stupid things. But at the same time also like bigger topics on like you know, mental health and you know all that. So it's cool to like listen to people like-minded people to talk about things that you might not be able to talk about in real life. 

00:07:02 Calvin 

Yeah, that's so true actually. Now you mention it I I really share this sentiment 'cause when I first listen to podcasts I only listen to like sports podcasts, I like to listen to people talk about their analysis, the game and things like that I have. I'm fascinated by it. Yeah, kinda like, yeah, I guess it's like sports radio. But you know without that the reactions on radio sometimes I don't know, but anyways the so that's how I got into it because I just want to like learn a little bit more about the sports. But you know lately, especially Covid, 'cause I realized they're kind of one of the reasons why I listen to podcasts is just that I have some noise. Somebody talking at home. Instead of just living, you know just all by myself, and it's weird. I feel like every time when I listen to it is when I don't feel super good, I'll listen to tons of podcasts. There's like tons of noise. And then when I stop it when it's over, I feel empty, I don't know that that that makes sense. It feels like quiet it empty like whoa it's just me in 4 walls again what's happening that's what it feels like it's weird. 

00:08:05 Lyris 

Yeah, very quiet. Yeah huh? 

00:08:14 Jansen 

Yeah, wait, so you feel you listen to sports podcasts like feel better or it's just like the idea of having some noise at the background already makes you feel better. 

00:08:24 Calvin 

Yeah, like at the beginning when I listen to it. Yeah, 'cause I'm interested. I like to like I'm an Arsenal fan. Shout out to all the Gooners out there. I'm an Arsenal fan I wanna listen to like the analysis and all that like why they win, why they lose. But lately I just listened to it to kill time and also like kind of Lyris says it's having, I don't know having someone to keep me company I guess that was kind of like the effects for me, yeah

00:08:50 Melody 

I think that is so fascinating, because that is completely opposite and that makes me feel like this really nerdy, no fun person. Your 30 year old lady content for you right there, I listen to podcast because I feel like it is a way to make use of my time. Similar to reading a book, so to speak. Like let's say if I'm on transportation, if I'm trying to exactly not, yeah, so I used to read a book whenever I'm travelling from one place to another. But lately, because I  switched to a job where it's only a 10-minute walk from home. So I lost that reading time and I feel like yeah and I really missed that. So lately what I've been doing is to take an hour long walk just after work, so I just walk around the neighborhood and not go home yet. Just split off that work life. And then, but it's difficult for me to read a book while I'm on a walk, so I would put on a podcast to listen. So then I could keep myself productive and to be learning something may be going on. I mean so all the genres I listen on podcast is a similar genre that I would read on a book. So let's say self-help stuff, psychology stuff. You know these are all the things that I'm really interested in, so let's say one of the biggest or longest lasting podcasts channel I've ever listened to is Jay Shetty. I don't know if you guys have heard of him. Umm, yeah, so. Jay Shetty. This is really interesting dude who became a monk for a few years and then came back and then now to teach people what he's learned from as a monk. So it's a lot about mindfulness is a lot about meditation. It's a lot about you know. How do you cope with difficulties in life? How do you cope with conflicts with other people, and they're all very motivational and very knowledge heavy. Uh, in a way so I really like to listen to these kind of stuff just to learn more stuff into getting myself inspired. So I think it's very different from what you guys said you know regarding having background noises because I need to concentrate to understand what he's talking about. 

00:10:56 Calvin 

Hmm so so let me get this right. Every morning, you need to listen to Jay Shetty to motivate you to go to work. Is that what I'm hearing like that definitely isn't a listen to it. 

00:11:06 Melody 

No no, no I honestly do it so then I don't feel like I'm wasting my time. So, let's say I'm walking somewhere or if I'm driving somewhere I cannot read a book. So how do I make myself more productive for the time that I'm using? 

00:11:11 Jansen 

It's like you're optimizing it. So your content is mindfulness content, is it? 

00:11:26 Melody 

And not exactly mindfulness, the more productive content I would say. 

00:11:30 Lyris 

But is it mindfulness? No, I understand that. But it's like technically it's different, but also kind of the same 'cause we're like, oh, we need constant stimulation, like even during walks, or like when you're cooking, you need some sound and for you it's the same, right? 'cause you're like walking. You want to optimize and like listen to this. But it's also like you're listening to mindfulness. But you could have been practicing mindfulness.  No, I know. I understand. I completely understand you 'cause like sometimes like you want to maximize like everything. But like I think that's like where I struggle, not struggle with, but this is something I reflect because I am the person who constantly needs stimulation, but that's sometimes like we need to schedule in a time for us to not have these stimulations which I struggle with, 'cause I've never had that ever like I can't even for like even I have if I have something to do I need to have like at least 3/4 tasks at the same time. Even I like to watch a video while I'm working. While I'm like playing on my phone. It has to be 3 tasks at the same time. 

00:12:40 Jansen 

Right see, that's the thing where I think I'm similar to Melody is like I'm telling myself, you know while I'm cooking 'cause you can't be mindful while you're cooking, right? That's like I can't meditate or like have like a state of mind while my food is like burning over here. So apart podcast would be good. So that's why I started watching Simply neurological podcast at first, because she literally started during Covid and also she talks about influencer marketing and like working for the Canadian government or very cool like a celebrity is doing that. And then after that's the problem where after I run out of productive content and I start to deviate from what is supposedly a productive task into consuming guilty pleasure Content so from her podcast, I moved on to video essays and movie analysis, 'cause I genuinely enjoy that and I think like we should reflect on what we consume right? 

00:13:37 Lyris 

And they're usually fairly very long too, so you don't have to keep like going to your computer and like pressing new videos there. 

00:13:39 Jansen 

Yeah, exactly. 

Yes, exactly. I was just going to say that after that I started watching TV channels because also simply neurological is like her boyfriend mentions TV like draw my shirt then after that I got into that and now I like caught up on myself like oh I'm learning how to not fuck up one day when I become a celebrity or something. Right, it's like, uh, damage control. And like PR kind of information. How do you not like mess up in the eyes of the public That kind of thing, and then I started watching. Now I'm on this other podcast called Frenemies and they literally do, you know, Trisha Paytas? There's any? 

00:14:22 Lyris 


00:14:23 Jansen 

Oh no, OK. I feel like Calvin and Melody are just like what the hell? 

00:14:24 Lyris 

I know he's really cheesy. 

00:14:30 Melody 

Again, they're not 30 year old. 

00:14:32 Jansen 

Ha ha ha. Yeah, oh and then she and Ethan client service. Frenemies podcasts. Like people who hated each other at first and then I don't know, their podcast has no theme like, OK, we're we're kind of like trying to be a self help podcast. That's just a conversation and then people watch them for the drama at first, and then their growth and then. While I'm consuming this content half the time just thinking what the **** if I watch what am I listening? 

00:15:02 Calvin 

I guess, Why? Why do we want to always to be stimulated? I don't know why do you? I just wanna listen to even though you don't think it's good like why do you still want to Listen to it? I I don't, I don't I don't understand. 

00:15:11 Jansen

I don't know until someone help me. 

00:15:17 Melody 

Yeah, yeah, I guess that shot shed light on a bigger issue than like why do we always feel like we need to maximize the time that we have on hand and tend to have like multiple things? I guess there are two things like why do we feel like we need to maximize time on hand and then the second one would be? Why do we feel like we constantly need company? Or just random background noise to not feel lonely? I feel like there are still subtle differences. 

00:15:43 Lyris 

Like a little bit like the first one, like productivity, like make sure and also like the other is just like loneliness. 

00:15:50 Melody 

Or how do you cope with loneliness? 

00:15:52 Lyris 

Well, OK. A short question for the short answer. For the first question would be capitalism. Like honestly, like, no honestly because that's no 'cause We always feel like we have to be productive All the time, because like we like, yeah, the hustle culture like capital. So 'cause we're like feel like we have to be productive. But if we have like we have one hour of like just sitting there doing nothing, then you're not being productive 'cause Like as a society, we taught that if you're not contributing to anything, then you're essentially useless, which is not necessarily true anyway. Keep going. 

00:16:26 Jansen 

So I wanted to ask like I said, follow up somewhat. It's whether you guys listen more to podcasts or more to music in terms of like the auditory stimulus. 'cause like I remember when I was younger when podcasts were not such a thing, I used to listen more to music because like what else can I listen to? And then I spend so much time downloading these songs. So I can sit on the bus and sit out for hours just so that I can listen to music. Then after that kind of got like Boring. 

00:16:58 Melody 

Uh, yeah, to me. I think the biggest difference in terms of because I have a very clear differentiation when I go to a podcast and when I go to music is that as music to me is the background whereas podcast is something that I really need to focus on. I'm so I'm also not very good at multitasking, so if I have to actually listen to What the podcast is saying. I cannot be doing anything like difficult, so for me. Let's say if I'm running, I try to, oh, let's be productive while I'm running to and listen to a podcast, I end up hating the podcast 'cause I'm like, oh hey, this why are you guys talking while I'm sucking? 

00:17:33 Jansen 

You develop like a psycho psychological connection to it. 

00:17:36 Melody 

Yeah, exactly exactly so I can only have music at the back and it's kind of just some noise and I cannot focus on it because once I need to focus on it. overwhelming stimulation as you burnt out. Because I'm doing a lot of things at once, but music I don't really need a lot of cognitive, you know, ability in it so, so that's kind of how I differentiate them. 

00:17:58 Jansen 

No, right, that's interesting, 'cause for me it's like I just swap in between like when I'm feeling it. Then I'll go from you. If not, I'll just go on podcasts. But yeah. 

00:18:03 Calvin 

Yeah, yeah yeah, this exact same thing. to me music is just background noise, but the podcast I'll try to listen to it, but it's really dumb because I told you, I listen to all the sport podcasts, right? So back then I would just be listening in on the bus, but then if I miss something I'll actually rewind and listen to it. Let's say if I Daydream I was like, oh, but I realize, like dude, it's not even that important. I'm just listening to it to kill time. Why am I rewinding? So I stopped doing that, but you were talking about the listening podcasts because we got lonely or whatever, it just reminded me of this. remember earlier I was just saying how like This is like background noise. If I feel bad that I will listen to podcast more, but I noticed recently is when I feel good, I enjoy the quietness. I don't really need to have any background noise. Any people talking whatever. I'm very very comfortable with myself and I actually make a point of Just sitting on my couch with no stimulation and just looking out to the sky like that's when I feel good so that that is, I don't know like different state for me for listening podcasts or not listening to podcast. 

00:19:15 Melody 

Do you feel like it says you're in a good state? That's why nothingness and staring into the sky. That's why you do that. Or is it because there's nothingness and you're staring at the sky? That's why you're getting you. You went into a good mood. 

00:19:28 Jansen 

Ooh man, this just got philosophical real quick. 

00:19:32 Calvin 

Oh, I don't know it. 

00:19:34 Melody 

Yeah, 'cause for me it's the quieting down that gets me into the good mood. 

00:19:41 Calvin 

Both, but if I'm already agitated and I was like, Oh yeah, I need to constantly stimulate myself right there. Sorry, so I distract myself. So that's why maybe that's what the podcast does, but then if I'm already calm, then yeah, whatever I do, I can be working. I can be staring into the sky. I will still feel good because I kind of have. I'm very Peaceful inside of this. 

00:20:04 Jansen 

Yeah, so you don't plan all of these like quiet times and why not do you or it's just, uh? 

00:20:10 Calvin 

No, I don't plan quiet time. 

00:20:13 Lyris 

Like yeah I can't 'cause I feel like honestly I think I'm very bad at like the quiet time thing 'cause I now I listen to part like I have to listen to a podcast cast to fall asleep. I have to have people talking so that I can sleep, so that's what I do. But also like talking about like podcasts you know about, like the background noise. I feel like for me, I don't know, I guess podcast for me is a bit of like a mindful, not mindfulness, but I guess a numbing situation 'cause you're like focusing on because when I was and when I'm walking I'm just so focused on. I'm not like I'm like distracted just, but it's not like my main task is walking and then the podcast is kind of just like the sound, my main task. It's like listening to the podcast and then walking. So then like I'm just kind of like numbing myself through the podcast 'cause I'm just so focused on listening to the car Station and that makes sense, I don't know, but I guess it's it's still not good. 'cause I think that's like weird. 'cause I remember one time I was on exchange and then I went to visit a new town with my friend and then they left first. 

00:21:15 Lyris 

So I have like one or two hours on my own to explore the town. So during that time I was like exploring the town, but at the same time we're listening to a podcast. 

00:21:24 Lyris 

So for me it was it was cool 'cause it was like the mood was really chill. You know, like in a new talents and there's no podcast like enjoying myself, but also think about like if I am actually taking like the podcast taking away. 

00:21:36 Lyris 

From my main task, which is to explore the town or I don't know. 

00:21:40 Jansen 

I guess it's just like the limit of how much you listen to. I remember I read the article, it says like the average is 3 to 10 hours where people listen to podcasts already. 

00:21:47 Lyris 

A day. 

00:21:48 Jansen 

No, no, uh weeks or we can. Yeah we ain't got time in a day for like 10 hours. But then like I think this article also mentioned like this person watched 35. 

00:21:49 Calvin 

Oh wow. 

00:21:53 Speaker 4 

Ha ha. 

00:22:00 Jansen 

Hours but yeah, we listened to 35 hours of content in that week and I think that's when it gets like excessive. Where you? 

00:22:07 Jansen 

I like, I think in the article I mentioned something of how when there's silence then your brain has time to like, develop the cells and whatnot. And yeah. 

00:22:17 Lyris 

But I think it's like the quiet time. It's like what Melody said like she doesn't like she. She doesn't really like to meditate because it's when she quiets down because usually like like you meditating, you're like your your. 

00:22:29 Lyris 

Your brain goes to nothing, that's right, but it's kind of like when you quiet down and the thoughts start to bubble out. 'cause normally you're just like suppressing it. 'cause that's for me. 

00:22:31 Lyris 

Right and. 

00:22:31 Lyris 


00:22:37 Lyris 

I realize that like one of my coping like mode now is like I procrastinate. It's like my coping mode. So if I I'm feeling very stressed I 

00:22:44 Lyris 

Like, instinctually, just get out my phone just like scrolling it. 'cause it kind of like it's the mindfulness in a sense. 

00:22:50 Lyris 

Or like it's not my fault, it's like numbing myself. 

00:22:50 Speaker 4 


00:22:53 Jansen 

You don't want like weird thoughts to come out. 

00:22:53 Lyris 

So I feel nothing. 

00:22:55 Lyris 

Yeah, I feel nothing and I'm thinking of nothing. 

00:22:58 Lyris 

Yeah, yeah, so I don't know it, it's I think it's I don't know is that my phone is or is that? 



00:23:03 Melody 

It's the. 

00:23:04 Lyris 

Still feels nothing though like is that like like it. 

00:23:05 Jansen 

Yeah, they work for the same office. 

00:23:09 Melody 

Mindfulness, youguys yoga Wellness mindfulness. 

00:23:09 Lyris 

Feels not responding. 

00:23:14 Jansen 

Melody bring us the facts. 

00:23:17 Melody 

No, like mindfulness doesn't mean nothingness. Mindfulness means you're aware of what you're thinking or what's going through, so it's the complete opposite of what you say, but you you made a great point here. 

00:23:22 Calvin 


00:23:27 Melody 

I hate meditation. I know I always like push for it, promote for it. I always want to learn more about it, but I honestly hate it and I'm kind of scared and terrified. 

00:23:38 Melody 

A bit to be honest 'cause I'm I was at a. I was at a meditation. You know, a learning camp sort of thing one time and I've been doing that for a month and once. 

00:23:49 Melody 

So every time I go, I end up crying like bawling superpower and I hate it 'cause I would just sit down and I would quiet down and I would all suddenly have all these emotions. 

00:23:54 Speaker 4 

I Dumbo. 

00:24:01 Melody 

You know, boiling up and then I just end up crying and I don't know why and I hate it. So after like 4 sessions I got. 

00:24:06 Speaker 4 


00:24:06 Speaker 4 


00:24:08 Melody 

Scared and I'm like yo I can't do this anymore. 

00:24:11 Jansen 

How long is a session? 

00:24:12 Melody 

Like an hour. 

00:24:14 Melody 

Of just you know quietness, but you know it's really hard to be quiet. It's really hard to not have thoughts in a way or just be completely aware of what you're thinking because you're aware, oh, I'm thinking about this and you're like oh why am I thinking about this? 

00:24:27 Melody 

And then you kind of got got dragged their way already and you're not supposed to judge it. You're only supposed to be aware of what's going through your head. 

00:24:35 Melody 

But then I heard this one very good analogy from from a monk. Actually what he told me is that you know that is the process of meditation and mindfulness. 

00:24:45 Melody 

What we've been doing every day is that whenever there's trash you see. Or that's a you know, a negative thought or something that you don't want to deal with. 

00:24:53 Melody 

You kind of just boom it under the sofa and you keep doing that. And mindfulness is kind of helping you drag and lug out every little **** you have under that couch. 

00:25:04 Melody 

Lug it all out, so then you can finally sort them and throw them away so this process of lugging them out in this process of getting them out of the couch is the most difficult bit. And that is why you feel all these. 

00:25:16 Melody 

You know overwhelming emotions because people are constantly trying to. You know, I need to go to work I I can't, just, you know, suddenly you know, go through an emotional breakdown and and and you know within a meeting or or during office hours. 

00:25:29 Melody 

So that's kind of what meditation is trying to do as well. So I guess that is what quietness is for as well for you to have. 

00:25:37 Melody 

Time to actually process things that you're trying to. 

00:25:40 Melody 

Hide out so I guess for all my friends here or trying to know yourself first question is what are you trying to avoid? 

00:25:47 Lyris 

Guys, you're scaring our only viewers away now like the like. Oh gosh I need to stop this podcast and meditate. 

00:25:48 Jansen 

And he did. 


Ha ha. 

00:25:54 Jansen 

No, no, no. See that's the thing you can't you honestly can't like meditate while you're walking or doing so many different activities, right? You need a plan, can you? 

00:26:02 Lyris 

I think there is right. I think there's like walk meditation or I think there's like walk meditation. Yeah, definitely. 

00:26:08 Jansen 

And is that safe? 

00:26:09 Melody 

So I was yeah, so walking meditation. It's kind of just being aware of every single step that you're taking. 

00:26:16 Melody 

But every single step that you're taking, you're putting awareness on it, and how, let's say, how your feet is landing. 

00:26:20 Jansen 

OK, OK. 

00:26:23 Melody 

What are you actually hearing? What what's actually happening around you? I think that is the awareness and I I actually went to again. 

00:26:30 Melody 

I went to LA and I did. 

00:26:31 Melody 

Like this meditation retreat. See I keep trying but I can't. 

00:26:35 Jansen 

This sounds very dodgy. 

00:26:36 Melody 


00:26:37 Melody 

Yeah, I went. I went to this meditation retreat and it was amazing. Uhm, so this this this teacher was actually teaching us how she learned eating meditation like in Japan. 

00:26:49 Melody 

A mindfulness is a very important thing. What we do right now is we put a computer in front of us. 


Oh no. 

00:26:53 Melody 

We play Netflix and then we just eat so we don't really know what we're eating. I think that is also. 

00:26:57 Melody 

Part of the French culture. That's why the French culture hates the American culture where you eat on your desk and you put a, you know a computer in front of you and you're reading emails while you're eating, so you're not actually savoring the food. You don't actually know what you're doing. So in terms of that, eating meditation. 

00:27:12 Melody 

Is, you know, just being aware of every single thing that you're putting in your mouth. How does it taste? 

00:27:18 Melody 

What is the texture and all that is? It's kind of that that training of mindfulness and being aware. 

00:27:24 Melody 

Of what's happening in your body as well. 

00:27:26 Calvin 

Yeah, actually it's funny to me I I think maybe I'm wrong, but then to me how I learned about meditation is actually. 

00:27:34 Calvin 

You know how you have like billion thoughts like so many right? But you try to collapse all of them into one thing. 

00:27:40 Calvin 

So basically, if you're really concentrated on one thing, any other thoughts kind of just disappeared and you just focus on that. 

00:27:47 Calvin 

Let's say you're walking, right? If you're just really focusing on every single step that you take you all the other. 

00:27:54 Calvin 

Thoughts or negative thoughts or anything you do? Have they kind of disappear because you're really solely focusing on walking the same thing when you're sitting down trying to meditate, you always try to focus on your breathing instead of like focusing you understand of thinking everything else you try to just. 

00:28:08 Calvin 

Focus on how you breathe. Where is the? How does the air coming in? How does it air flowing out? 

00:28:14 Calvin 

That was basically in a way you can think about it as if there's so many things you're always going to constantly guess agitated. 

00:28:20 Calvin 

It's kind of like water, but then if you just focus on one single thing. 

00:28:23 Jansen 

He's very comfortable. 

00:28:25 Calvin 

Exactly exactly right. That's that's kind of like. 

00:28:28 Calvin 

That's that's how I understand meditation. How much it converts. 

00:28:31 Jansen 

Refer to our Kung Fu park Kung Fu Panda podcast to hear more about this analogy that we currently bring out. 

00:28:37 Lyris 


00:28:40 Melody 

Yeah no, I think. 

00:28:40 Melody 

That is also similar to what? 

00:28:42 Melody 

And art jamming. And you know, doing a puzzle does to you, right? Because you're so focusing on drawing and doing some mind mindless things, you're so focused on that mindless thing that you kind of. Don't think about anything else, and you're you're solely focusing on that one. 

00:28:57 Melody 

Activity that you're doing. 

00:28:58 Lyris 

Then can I not just solely focus on scrolling on Instagram like I'm just like very mindful of like every single like my fingers like I'm pressing the. 

00:29:06 Jansen 

Are you are you? I'm so aware of the content that is like, uh, killing my brain cells. I'm so aware of the process, yeah? 

00:29:07 Lyris 

Like button and I'm like very lazy. 

00:29:13 Speaker 4 


00:29:14 Lyris 


00:29:20 Jansen 

I mean like like. On top of that, then from all of this mindfulness talk that you guys are mentioning. 

00:29:27 Jansen 

Then is it bad that I'm stimulating so much of myself on on podcasts on all of these? Sometimes video essays, sometimes T channels. Is it bad that I'm? 

00:29:40 Jansen 

Focusing so much energy, I'll put giving so much time to these. 'cause personally I think that it might be good to just allocate a bit of time to meditate and to give yourself that quiet time from ideally daily. 

00:29:53 Jansen 

But that never really works out. Maybe from like time to time at least once or twice, or three times per week, that kind of thing. 

00:30:00 Jansen 

Yeah, is it bad that I? 

00:30:02 Jansen 

Watched so much PAC. So many podcasts. 

00:30:05 Calvin 

Actually, I was. You wrote a good point. I was going to say this exact same thing is that I think it's fine. 

00:30:10 Jansen 


00:30:11 Calvin 

Listen to podcasts, watch TV, watch Netflix, why not? Like that's, we know you work hard or not doesn't matter, right? 

00:30:15 Jansen 

Very good, that's the answer I want. 

00:30:18 Calvin 

But The thing is. 

00:30:18 Lyris 

Yeah, especially our podcast, right? 

00:30:20 Speaker 4 

Exactly exactly just once in our podcast, that's right. 

00:30:23 Calvin 


00:30:23 Calvin 


00:30:25 Speaker 4 

Hell yeah. 

00:30:25 Calvin 

No, buy this thing. 

00:30:26 Calvin 

I was just thinking that it is also just need to be aware and remind yourself that you need to sometimes have that quiet time to yourself. 

00:30:35 Lyris 


00:30:35 Calvin 

You said just like you know, oh, like, every time I'm being quiet instead of like oh I I hate this feeling I'm gonna pull up my phone and try to like just go on Instagram or Twitter or whatever instead of judo doing that. Maybe some. 

00:30:46 Calvin 

Every now and then we need to remind ourselves hey you need some quiet time you need to. 

00:30:51 Calvin 

I don't know. Ask yourself questions or find yourself or just calm yourself down or something like that, that's. 

00:30:56 Calvin 

What I think. 

00:30:56 Melody 

So I guess one question for you guys. So for people who are scared of spending alone time or for people who are scared of quiet time, yeah, what? 



00:31:06 Melody 

What do you think could be? I know where none of us are there yet, but do you think there are some advice or some some ways that you are trying to tackle that like? 

00:31:14 Lyris 

Yeah, so like. 

00:31:14 Lyris 

Yeah so. 

00:31:15 Lyris 

Just think of it as giving me advice on like a person who can't even fall asleep to like silence like I genuinely need sound to fall asleep, right? I yeah honestly. 

00:31:19 Jansen 


00:31:23 Jansen 

I mean, I'd do it to it. Yeah, same thing. 

00:31:28 Lyris 

So yeah, like. 

00:31:28 Melody 

It's your therapy. 

00:31:30 Lyris 

I'm already in there beyond. 

00:31:32 Jansen 

How does that help me sleep without sound? 



00:31:37 Melody 

No, the reason I bring up therapy is because I again because of my nerdiness and psychology. I'm a firm believer that if you, if there is something that you're trying to actively avoid having to think, that is probably something that is deep inside you that needs some care. That's it doesn't have to be therapy. It could just be some. 

00:31:57 Melody 

Contemplation or some self exploring, but it is something very deep inside that you're trying to avoid and trying not to have to face. And that is something that is worth. 

00:31:59 Speaker 4 


00:32:07 Melody 

Looking into. 

00:32:08 Calvin 

Yeah, I I really completely agree. Yeah, because I remember again I if I that said that weekend I'm feeling really bad and 'cause I'm always constantly alone. 

00:32:18 Calvin 

Yeah, I would just sit there and just listen to tons and tons of podcasts and when it's over I feel very empty, right? 

00:32:23 Jansen 


00:32:23 Jansen 


00:32:25 Calvin 

But then I know, and then I I just kind of force. I was just sitting there and just pondering like why like what's happening? 

00:32:32 Calvin 

Well, how am I feeling? Why am I doing it? But if you can't, I feel like when I was listening to podcasts, I would constantly stimulate it. 

00:32:32 Jansen 


00:32:39 Calvin 

They'd never afford me any time to listen to, like ask myself those things. So really, just you find that time and and. 

00:32:43 Jansen 


00:32:43 Jansen 


00:32:46 Calvin 

Anyway, it's really important to find out the reason why behind it. Again, therapy will help. Or do you know when yourself better will help? 

00:32:54 Calvin 

It's really important because that's how I think. That's because I notice when I feel better people around me also feel better. Let's say my girlfriend, my parents, right? So they like in a way if I'm happy. 

00:33:01 Speaker 4 


00:33:07 Calvin 

Then they will be happy too. Like if I really wanted to do good things to help people then help myself first. 

00:33:13 Calvin 

Do better myself first, that's what that's why. It's really important to you. 

00:33:16 Calvin 

After a quiet time. 

00:33:17 Jansen 

Like at the end of the day, I the reason why Park has even came about, it's still a form of entertainment. 

00:33:23 Jansen 

And yes, some content is like helping. I guess like you learn stuff, I feel I'm telling this to myself, but you shouldn't like. Basically you watch too much content or absorb too much content regardless of whether. 

00:33:37 Jansen 

You're sitting down and watching Netflix and all You Tube versus like you listening to them. It's still a form. 

00:33:43 Jansen 

Entertainment and too much entertainment won't really help you in the long run. Slash or this just distract you from your main goal. 

00:33:50 Jansen 

I do think and that's why I am trying to do it, even though the effects of it questionable, but I at least I'm trying to like plan some time every day to give myself that need a quiet time to. 

00:34:03 Jansen 

Try to meditate or at least like have a journal to reflect on or to feel grateful for the things around you. 

00:34:09 Jansen 

I think just planning time to kind of re-evaluate what happened in your day is important as opposed to having stimulus throughout until you sleep. I think there might be a problem. 'cause yeah and. 

00:34:22 Jansen 

Payment podcast did start from people listening to criminal or murder stories. It's like to elicit that feeling of like Oh my God it's so creepy and that that thrilling feeling of like Oh my God, I'm going to get murdered soon. That was the whole point of. 

00:34:37 Jansen 

Part, that's all. 

00:34:38 Melody 

Why? Why would anybody do? 

00:34:40 Lyris 

That such a specific. 

00:34:41 Jansen 

It's like. 

00:34:42 Lyris 

Feeling of wow, I'm gonna get murdered soon like this is. 

00:34:45 Jansen 

It's ancient, it's entertainment. It's like ASMR, ASMR. 

00:34:46 Lyris 

Such a specific feeling, but you're trying to help. 

00:34:51 Jansen 

Yeah, so now people just want to have that feeling in it. Just slowly branched out to people talking about meditation and talking about podcasts in general. 

00:34:59 Jansen 

I mean, that's how. Yeah, as much as this might be helpful. It's like this is entertainment and maybe after that you should just calm down and we don't release podcast too often so you have plenty of time to calm down. Come back again and every watch us. 

00:35:00 Lyris 




00:35:12 Melody 

Very good, yeah no. I think I think Jensen made a very good point. I think. Definitely if you're you know, listening to podcasts to learn something you're listening her podcast to destress to relax. 



00:35:23 Melody 

That's completely fine, but I. 

00:35:24 Melody 

Think it's a good thing to just be aware of why you're doing it, or why, or 



00:35:29 Melody 

You feel the need to and I'm I just remembered like a very concrete way that you might do some self exploration as well through coaching that I've been training on is to keep asking yourself questions. 

00:35:43 Melody 

So let's say you say, oh, I really want to listen to a podcast now. Then you can ask yourself, why do you really want to? 

00:35:48 Melody 

Listen to a podcast now. 

00:35:50 Melody 

Oh, because I want some noise and you can say oh, why do you need some noise and you might, you know, start thinking? Oh actually yeah, why do I want some noise? Oh, I feel very. 

00:36:00 Melody 

Lonely I've been trapped at home for a long time, so then you can ask yourself, you know you've been trapped at home a long time. Yes, and why? 

00:36:06 Melody 

Why? Why is that lonely for you? How are you actually feeling and just keep drilling yourself and can't have this Q&A with yourself, and that would usually lead you somewhere that you do not expect. 

00:36:17 Calvin 

I might if I keep asking myself that I might smack myself. I felt like it's a stupid five year kids like. 

00:36:23 Calvin 

Why are you doing this? 

00:36:24 Calvin 

Why are you doing this? I might smack myself ending up so. 

00:36:27 Speaker 4 

I just put that out. 

00:36:28 Jansen 

There yeah, I feel like for me, yeah. 

00:36:29 Melody 

You should not have a kid. 

00:36:31 Jansen 

I really like for me. I just asked the question to myself like why do I want to listen to this podcast and I answer it and it's like oh OK, good answer, understandable have. 

00:36:40 Jansen 

A good day. 

00:36:41 Lyris 



Go on look. 

00:36:45 Jansen 


00:36:45 Lyris 

You don't need podcasts anymore. You can like it. 

00:36:47 Melody 

You guys will all be weird parents. 

00:36:47 Melody 

Just something great. 

00:36:47 Melody 


00:36:52 Lyris 

But I I just yes. 

00:36:52 Melody 

Well, OK. 

00:36:55 Lyris 

Yeah, I totally agree. 

00:36:55 Lyris 


00:36:55 Lyris 

I know like we're we've been like very like critical podcasts, but I I don't know. I think podcasts are great things, or like I think podcasts like any other like video content or you know any content like it gives people like a space in a community or like. 

00:37:04 Jansen 

Right, right? 

00:37:09 Lyris 

Like a community that you might not be able to find and realize like for me like I don't, I might not have a lot of like feminist friends, but I like listening to podcasts on like just between us like 2 like 2 like like minded people. 

00:37:20 Lyris 

Like feminist, you know, mental health advocate to talk about issues. I always want to talk about and like to hear their perspective. You know, like to to think so. I think that I think that's. 

00:37:29 Lyris 

Great to have, like a community, but I think the main point is like not to have that you. 

00:37:33 Lyris 

Know overwhelmed like overtake. 

00:37:34 Jansen 


00:37:35 Jansen 

Yeah, and and I just don't watch too much podcasts, but remember to watch hours. Of course. Very important. 

00:37:35 Lyris 

Your life and you don't allocate their own, yeah? 

00:37:35 Lyris 

Your life, you don't allocate their own, yeah. 

00:37:41 Lyris 

Yeah, so if you have to pick and choose. 

00:37:43 Lyris 

Which part has to listen? 

00:37:45 Lyris 

To then it has the 2nd. 

00:37:47 Jansen 

At least I hope at least hours. I hope it is enjoyable to our audience, if not any other podcasts. What other podcasts would you guys recommend? 

00:37:56 Melody 

Yeah, let's do a quick fire. One recommendation. 

00:37:58 Lyris 

OK so for like for for people. 

00:37:58 Melody 

Each so there will. 

00:37:58 Melody 

Each there will. 

00:38:02 Lyris 

So so just between us is to like good friends women who will talk about you, know mental health and give advice to people they they'll like, have questions from viewers every week to talk about, you know relationship, friends, families and all that. So that's great. Another podcast is sibling rivalry by two drag Queens. 

00:38:23 Lyris 

Black queer black men who to talk about, you know, like they are very entertaining, you know, talk about really fun stuff, but also they talk about very big issues about you, know, racism. 

00:38:25 Jansen 

Insect sting 

00:38:33 Lyris 

You know queer culture and all that, so bare educational. So those are the two. 

00:38:35 Jansen 

Barely educational. 

00:38:38 Lyris 

That recommend melody. 

00:38:40 Melody 

OK, I would recommend on purpose. By Jay Shetty, OK. 

00:38:40 Melody 

OK, I would recommend on purpose, by Jay Shetty. 

00:38:45 Calvin 

OK Calvin any now I kind of sounds very shallow your art. 

00:38:47 Calvin 


00:38:47 Calvin 


00:38:50 Jansen 

But what you won't won't be. Ah, Shadow is mine, so it's your Arsenal fan. You should listen to our swak 

00:39:00 Speaker 4 

And our Snow Fishing podcast lectures. Dad usually listens to Lucasfilm rooms. 

00:39:01 Jansen 

We love that. 

00:39:04 Lyris 

I'm like I'm most impressed by like the the puns of like podcast shows. They're always like. 

00:39:09 Jansen 

Pods OK anyway, yeah everyone, starting a podcast. 

00:39:10 Calvin 

It's exactly. 

00:39:11 Jansen 

But then there's that means a lot of content. I think for me, like I mentioned, simply nail logical. I really like wholesome 30 year old people just talking and giving a very realistic and practical out, yeah? 

00:39:21 Calvin 

Thank you, I appreciate it. Thank you. 

00:39:25 Melody 

Not talking about you rectifying us. 

00:39:26 Lyris 


00:39:28 Jansen 

But I really do like I just like mature wholesome content. So simply now. 

00:39:32 Jansen 

Logical Jenna and Julian. I from from time to time depending on topic 'cause they kind of stopped doing that podcast IP for like a year now but going back it's still really good wholesome content to listen to. 

00:39:46 Jansen 

And if you're you have a lot of time, which sometimes I do, and you're into trashy content and sometimes good growth, slash. 

00:39:53 Jansen 

For some moments, frenemies with cancer papers and history history could be something to consider. 

00:40:00 Calvin 

And at the end the talk, I said, if you don't have any time and you can only listen to one podcast that purkiser usually listen to it. 

00:40:07 Speaker 4 

Supposedly adult 2nd. 

00:40:07 Speaker 4 

Supposedly adult. 

00:40:08 Melody 

Second, yeah, and and you don't hop on our Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and let us know what your recommendation is. 

00:40:18 Melody 

We'd love to check them. 

00:40:18 Calvin 

Let us know. 

00:40:19 Lyris 

Up I will launch more, you know. 

00:40:20 Jansen 

Oh yeah, I definitely need new content. 

00:40:22 Lyris 

Yeah, new product. New podcast to eat my brain. Go ahead. 

00:40:26 Melody 

OK, thank you. 

00:40:28 Jansen 

Thank you so much. Thank you. Bye bye bye.